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Terms and Conditions of Use.

  1. Terms:

    1. The term "TERRITORY" means Japan.
    2. The term “UNIT” means new/used cars, new/used heavy machinery, new/used parts or spare parts and other products.
    3. The term “JPCTRADE” means JPC Trade Co., LTD. located at 8F, TK Monzennakacho Bldg, 1-2-13, Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
    4. The terms “WEBSITE” means JPC Trade Co., LTD. Official WEBSITE http://jpctrade.com.
    5. The term “CUSTOMER” means a person and/or company that has registered on our website.
    6. The term “TRANSACTION” means the sale and or purchase of the UNIT between JPCTRADE and CUSTOMER.
    7. The term “EMAIL” means the CUSTOMER registered Email address in JPCTRADE website and JPCTRADE system.
    8. The term “BID” means to place a BID on a UNIT directly through the CUSTOMER account on the JPCTRADE WEBSITE.
    9. The term “DEPOSIT” means the money showing in JPCTRADE CUSTOMER account on the WEBSITE after the words “Deposit”.
    10. The term “BALANCE” means the due balance of CUSTOMER to JPCTRADE.
    11. The term “INVOICE” means the invoice issued by JPCTRADE to CUSTOMER which is shown in the CUSTOMER account Balance section.
    12. The term “BRANCH” means one of the overseas branch offices of JPCTRADE. These branches are mentioned in the WEBSITE “About Us” section
  2. Privacy

    1. JPCTRADE receives and stores any information CUSTOMER enters on our WEBSITE or gives us in any other way.
    2. JPCTRADE will keep the stored information private but accessible to JPCTRADE personnel.
  3. Communication:

    1. The only official JPCTRADE channel of communication is EMAIL to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Any other way of communication such as phone calls, sms, text, personal emails to JPCTRADE personal, chat, mobile phone application’s text or voice systems and so on, are not official channels of communication and can not be used for claims to JPCTRADE.
    2. JPCTRADE is not responsible for failures on EMAIL communication due to network problems or service provider’s difficulties from the CUSTOMER side or JPCTRADE side.
    3. CUSTOMER should check EMAIL at all times and make sure to reply as fast as possible to JPCTRADE inquires. Late replies may cause miscommunication for which JPCTRADE is not to be made liable.
    4. Each CUSTOMER has a main sales person in charge of their account. In case of any request, claim or emergency, CUSTOMER should first contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If there is no reply, then CUSTOMER should get in contact with the sales person in charge of the account. If the sales person in charge is not available either, CUSTOMER should then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order for other sales personnel available or management to attend to the urgent matter. If CUSTOMER is shipping to a destination where we have a BRANCH, CUSTOMER may also contact the BRANCH directly in case there is no reply from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in case of emergency.
    5. JPCTRADE is not to be held responsible for failure in the network or service provider difficulties that may cause WEBSITE to be unavailable for a certain period of time until the difficulties or failure are fixed.
    6. JPCTRADE will update WEBSITE without previous notice in order to improve our services.
  4. Deposit:

    1. In order to participate in UNIT auctions or to order a stock purchase, it is necessary to have an adequate amount of DEPOSIT in the CUSTOMER account. The smallest DEPOSIT amount with JPCTRADE is 100,000 JPY and this increases with the amount of CUSTOMER intended BID or type of UNIT. Please contact JPCTRADE in case of doubts about the correct amount of DEPOSIT.
    2. JPCTRADE can cancel your BID unilaterally in case it finds that the DEPOSIT is not enough to place a particular BID.
    3. If CUSTOMER's DEPOSIT is inadequate in the account, automatically the system won't allow this CUSTOMER to BID. This is a non-negotiable condition and a basic rule of TRANSACTIONS with JPCTRADE
    4. No TT copy, no website screenshot or any other document is enough to confirm a DEPOSIT. Only when the money has arrived in the JPCTRADE bank account and it is uploaded to the CUSTOMER account, is to be counted as DEPOSIT. If there is no DEPOSIT showing in the CUSTOMER account in our WEBSITE, it means there is no DEPOSIT.
    5. DEPOSIT can be refunded at all times. However if CUSTOMER has already placed BID(s) which still have not ended, already won a UNIT, has a due BALANCE, has a pending situation regarding payment and/or certain other specific topic that JPCTRADE may see as related, JPCTRADE can keep this DEPOSIT until the situation is resolved.
    6. DEPOSIT allows you to have your account free of advertising, can see all pictures and place and lot number visible, but if there is no BALANCE activity in a period of 2 months, your account will be set as "inactive" which will show again advertisement, only the front picture and no place and lot visible.
  5. Payment and refund using paypal:

    1. When we receive payment from customers through Paypal in other currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CAN, NZD, AUD, etc. company immediately exchange those currencies into JPY because of potential risk for exchange loss. If customer wants to refund through Paypal in the same currency later on, company does not have any balance in such currencies at that time. Company has to exchange JPY amount on the customer balance into the customer's currency. In this case the exchange loss will happen in the customer side depending on the exchange rate.
  6. Due Balance, Payment and Late Payment:

    1. BALANCE is expected to be paid in full as quickly as possible by the CUSTOMER.
    2. BALANCE for a particular INVOICE is to be paid in full within 72 hours of the issued date of the INVOICE. Any time later than 72 hours is to be considered a late payment. This article does not apply in case of Letter of Credit (L/C), please refer to 5.13.
    3. No TT copy, no screenshot or any other document is proof of payment. Only when actual money has arrived to JPCTRADE bank account and it is reflected in CUSTOMER account in JPCTRADE WEBSITE is it to be considered as received. This is not negotiable and is a basic rule to do TRANSACTIONS with JPCTRADE.
    4. Late Payment may involve extra charges or penalties. JPCTRADE is free to issue extra INVOICES to request payment of these charges or penalties.
    5. Late payment for a prolonged period of time can be the cause of unilateral CANCELATION by JPCTRADE with penalties for CUSTOMER.
    6. JPCTRADE will follow legal actions inside or outside the TERRITORY in case of prolonged due BALANCE.
    7. Paypal money transfers may be stopped, delayed or canceled unilaterally by Paypal. All fees charged by Paypal will be paid by the CUSTOMER. In case of Paypal transfers, CUSTOMER must inform JPCTRADE by EMAIL that a transfer was made. JPCTRADE will confirm Paypal transfers only during accountancy working hours and may take some time to update depending on accountancy workload.
    8. Moneygram money transfers may be stopped, delayed or canceled unilaterally by Moneygram. All fees charged by Moneygram will be paid by the CUSTOMER. In case of Moneygram transfers, CUSTOMER must inform JPCTRADE by EMAIL that a transfer was made and inform of the name in full and secret transfer code in order for JPCTRADE to apply to receive this transfer. Moneygram transfers may take 24 or more working hours to be confirmed by JPCTRADE.COM
    9. Bank Telegraphic Transfers (TT) may be stopped, delayed or canceled unilaterally by your bank or by the intermediary bank. All fees charged by your bank and by the intermediary bank will be paid by the CUSTOMER. In case of TT transfers, CUSTOMER must inform JPCTRADE by EMAIL that a transfer was made. CUSTOMER must inform of the name of the account transferring the money, as well as the exact amount transferred. It is recommended for CUSTOMER to EMAIL a scanned copy of the TT transfer voucher or receipt.
    10. JPCTRADE only recognizes transfers made to its official Paypal addresses, Moneygram accounts or Bank accounts, all of them mentioned on the JPCTRADE WEBSITE. Any transfer made to any non-official Paypal address, Moneygram account or Bank account will not be recognized by JPCTRADE.
    11. Delayed payment (or delayed issue of an L/C) causes extra costs and yard parking fees. JPCTRADE will charge these extra yard parking fees to the CUSTOMER.
    12. JPCTRADE will inform CUSTOMER by EMAIL and other methods of the delayed payment. If after a prolonged period of time there was no payment, JPCTRADE can decide to get rid of the unit or proceed to re-sell it as its own.
    13. In the case in which a Letter of Credit (L/C) is used for payment, CUSTOMER is requested to provide full details to make a Proforma Invoice on the same day the unit was purchased or in a period no longer than 24 hours. JPCTRADE will issue a Proforma Invoice and email it to CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER is expected to open a Letter of Credit (L/C) as soon as possible, in a period no longer than 1 week from the date the Proforma Invoice was issued. JCPTRADE may reject or issue extra charges in case the Letter of Credit terms are different to the ones mentioned in the Proforma Invoice. If there is any discrepancy to be paid due to any difference in the terms or mistake at the CUSTOMER bank, this discrepancy fee will be deducted from the Letter of Credit amount at the time of arrival. The unit is not considered paid until the actual amount of money is transferred to JPCTRADE account from the applicant bank.
  7. Bidding, Negotiation, Result:

    1. The only official way to BID with JPCTRADE is to bid directly from CUSTOMER account page “Bid” section. Any other way of bidding such as phone calls, sms, text, personal emails to JPCTRADE personnel, chat, mobile phone application’s text or voice systems and so on, are not official methods to BID and can not be used for claims to JPCTRADE.
    2. JPCTRADE personnel may try to assist CUSTOMER to place bids or late bids by non-official methods such as phone calls, sms, text, and personal emails to JPCTRADE personal, chat, mobile phone application’s text or voice systems and so on. JPCTRADE will try its best to successfully place these BIDs, but it is not responsible for any mistake or misunderstanding. In these non-official methods, JPCTRADE is not responsible if the BID wasn’t able to be placed in time. In these cases JPCTRADE expects the CUSTOMER to be checking online and to contact JPCTRADE immediately if there is any mistake or misunderstanding. JPCTRADE is free to reject any of these non-official methods of bidding at any time.
    3. JPCTRADE will receive CUSTOMER maximum offer for a UNIT and BID on CUSTOMER behalf directly at the Auction House bidding system. JPCTRADE is not responsible in case of a failure at the Auction House bidding system, a failure with the network or failure due to any event of force majeure.
    4. JPCTRADE will update results of the bidding to CUSTOMER account as fast as possible. Depending on JPCTRADE capabilities or special situations, results and updates on results may take some time to show on CUSTOMER page. These delays on result updates may take up to several hours after the auction is finished. In some cases it may take until the next working day.
    5. If CUSTOMER is not sure about the result of a particular BID, CUSTOMER should immediately contact JPCTRADE to confirm the result status.
    6. If result shows “Sold” it means UNIT was won by a different bidder. “Unsold” means that the seller decided that the maximum offered amount was not enough and didn’t accept to sell. “Won” means CUSTOMER has successfully won the auction of that particular UNIT. These results may change or be updated later by JPCTRADE. Refer to article 6.4.
    7. CUSTOMER can request to JPCTRADE to apply to negotiation for UNITs that ended “Unsold”. Depending on the time of the application the UNIT could be sold already.
    8. Once applied to negotiation, the application can not be canceled. CUSTOMER must have this in mind at the time of applying.
    9. JPCTRADE can decide to automatically negotiate some UNITs which were unsold under the CUSTOMER maximum BID offer. However, JPCTRADE also may not negotiate automatically for unsold UNITs depending on its capacity on a given day or depending on how the BIDs grouping is arranged.
    10. Negotiation results may take a long time depending on the Auction House and the seller. Sometimes depending on the seller decision, the seller may not accept the negotiation application or reject it. In the case of negotiation for stock one-price, other stock and unsold UNITs, there are some extra costs during this process. These costs are taken into account at the time JPCTRADE receives an offer from the seller and can affect the price provided to the CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER should think of the BID amount taking these and all other topics into consideration.
    11. Once a BID remaining time shows “End”, the BID can not be changed. For any requested change after remaining time shows “End”, JPCTRADE will try its best, but can not be held responsible for it. Also, once remaining time shows “End”, BID can not be canceled. JPCTRADE can make its best effort to cancel, but can not be responsible.
    12. CUSTOMER must check their bidding list at all times. CUSTOMER must check for updates in the bidding list during the bidding day and also to confirm any other update on the day after the auction. JPCTRADE will always try its best to keep this bidding list updated but also requires the CUSTOMER cooperation to keep vigilance of its own results list.
    13. If more than one CUSTOMER is bidding for the same UNIT at JPCTRADE, JPCTRADE will only place a BID for the highest BID (highest budget CUSTOMER). A message alerting of this situation ( “Important” ) will automatically show on the lower budget CUSTOMER’s bidding list. In some cases, due to the highest budget CUSTOMER grouping arrangement or sudden cancellation of the BID by this highest budget CUSTOMER, other CUSTOMER with a lower budget may end up winning the UNIT. CUSTOMER should be aware of this situation and make sure to inform JCPTRADE if they wish to cancel a BID in order to avoid this situation.
    14. Depending on the auction house, it may or may not be possible to place the exact BID as the one the CUSTOMER entered as the maximum BID on the WEBSITE. Therefore, JPCTRADE will do its best to not BID over the maximum BID amount. Nevertheless, JPCTRADE may overbid up to 20,000 JPY in some cases in order not to lose the auction or due to auction house rules or bidding conditions which makes it impossible to avoid overbidding. CUSTOMER agrees to accept overbid of up to 20,000 JPY. This is non-negotiable and CUSTOMER should be aware at the time of placing a BID.
    15. If there is any point on the inspection sheet which the CUSTOMER has doubts or questions about, CUSTOMER should contact JPCTRADE before placing a BID. JPCTRADE is not responsible for mistakes or misunderstandings made by CUSTOMER upon reading a UNIT inspection sheet.
    16. In the case that JPCTRADE purchases more cars than the CUSTOMER specified in a group, it is agreed that the CUSTOMER will take the first car purchased and JPCTRADE will take the subsequent cars purchased.
    17. Our system provides the “first registration in Japan” year which is the same as indicated in the Export Certificate of the UNIT. There is no information in the WEBSITE regarding exact manufactured year or month of a UNIT. We provide an online reference system, but in order to make fully sure of an exact manufactured year, CUSTOMER should contact directly the sales department for confirmation.
    18. JPCTRADE does not provide originals or copies of any private document from its service and product providers. This makes reference to auction house’s invoices, transportation company's invoices, shipping company's invoices, and so on.
  8. Shipping, BL and other documentation:

    1. Only UNITs with the export certificate ready and full payment completed can be booked for shipping. If export certificate is not ready and/or full payment is not completed, JPCTRADE will not confirm booking for that UNIT. This is not negotiable and a basic condition for TRANSACTIONs with JPCTRADE.
    2. JPCTRADE will send a BL (Bill of Lading) and EC (Export Certificate) to the CUSTOMER directly by express mail. JPCTRADE is responsible to send these documents before the vessel arrival, but depending on certain conditions such as holidays, shipping company delays, an event of force majeure and so on, sometimes documents may arrive after the vessel arrival. CUSTOMER is to keep track of this on the CUSTOMER page and contact JPCTRADE in case of any potential delay. In the case of Letter of Credit (L/C) all documentation will be sent directly to the applicant bank. Only EC will be sent separately.
    3. JPCTRADE is not responsible in case the company transporting this original documentation loses the documents or if there is any delay with them. JPCTRADE will help as much as possible in these situations, but it is not to be held responsible.
    4. JPCTRADE can assist to get insurance for UNITs, but it is not to be responsible for any damage or theft of any kind of any UNIT. JPCTRADE can provide, at request, a list of the insurance company coverage information. Any claim regarding insurance should be made directly to the insurance company.
    5. CUSTOMER is responsible for requesting the application of a UNIT’s insurance. A type “full cover” and C type “from port to port”. Application date is very important, JPCTRADE recommends customers to request insurance application from the date of purchase. Insurance can not be applied for after damage has occurred. In the case of Letter of Credit (L/C), the insurance will be applied by JPCTRADE only when the original Letter of Credit (L/C) has arrived to JPCTRADE. Coverage starts on the date of application.
    6. Insurance Certificate and INVOICE will be available online at the CUSTOMER’s account for download and CUSTOMER is responsible to keep track of it.
    7. In the case in which payment method is Letter of Credit (L/C), booking will be arranged upon arrival of the original Letter of Credit to JPCTRADE.
  9. Representation and general responsibilities:

    1. JPCTRADE is the service provider between CUSTOMER and all the related companies working to provide UNITs to CUSTOMER. These related companies include auction houses, dealerships, stores, transportation companies, customs agents, shipping companies, insurance companies and others related organizations. All of these companies are responsible for each of their procedures and JPCTRADE is not to take responsibility for any of their failures.
    2. JPCTRADE is a service provider in charge of representing the CUSTOMER from the point of purchase to the point of delivery. CUSTOMER is to take full responsibility of the UNIT during this process.
  10. Cancelation:

    1. JPCTRADE doesn’t accept cancellations. There are some special situations where we can accept cancellation requests or unilaterally cancel a UNIT.
    2. If a UNIT hasn’t been paid in full for a prolonged period of time, JPCTRADE can unilaterally cancel the UNIT. JPCTRADE will keep the DEPOSIT on that UNIT and/or any other DEPOSIT or paid car on the Japan side for the same account; and any other payment made on that UNIT. JPCTRADE will calculate the loss on the canceled UNIT and use these previous mentioned assets to pay for this loss. JPCTRADE will contact the CUSTOMER before this procedure looking for a resolution with the CUSTOMER, but if there is no successful resolution or CUSTOMER does not reply by EMAIL, JPCTRADE is free to proceed to unilaterally cancel the UNIT.
    3. If the CUSTOMER can not pay for the UNIT due to an unexpected situation such as change of regulation, financial catastrophe or personal matters, JPCTRADE may accept cancellation of a UNIT. The fees for canceling a UNIT and other costs will be determined by JPCTRADE.
    4. If the CUSTOMER noticed that they won a car that they didn’t want, and noticed it just after the auction finished, cancellation on the same day for a won car in the auctions is possible in some cases. This is possible only if requested within a few minutes after the end of the auction. Fees will be established by JPCTRADE. Time depends on the auction house rules and if too late there is no way to cancel at the auction house and the UNIT is won by CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER then has to request cancellation by resell at the auction house or any other method that JPCTRADE may advise.
  11. Vehicle's condition:

    1. JPCTRADE is not responsible for the car condition. JPCTRADE only can provide a translation of the inspection sheet from the auction house, translation of the car condition as mentioned by the dealer or seller and/or translation of the full description of the second inspection requested at the auction house.
    2. JPCTRADE provides pictures and inspection sheets of UNITs when available. Sometimes due to Auction house or dealerships convenience, JPCTRADE can not get this information and can not provide it to the CUSTOMER. If CUSTOMER can not find this information in JPCTRADE WEBSITE, or sees any mistake or potential mistake in the data provided at JPCTRADE WEBSITE, CUSTOMER should contact JPCTRADE immediately in order for JPCTRADE to check and update the UNIT information.
    3. CUSTOMER should not BID on any unit if any doubt or not sure of the car condition. CUSTOMER is fully responsible for having checked the car condition before placing a BID on any UNIT. Only after making sure the received information is enough for the CUSTOMER to take the responsibility of bidding, CUSTOMER is expected to be ready to place a BID at JPCTRADE WEBSITE.
    4. JCPTRADE is only responsible for the information mentioned in the remarks at JPCTRADE WEBSITE, including the translation of the inspection sheet written in the CUSTOMER account. Any information provided by any other way of communication such as phone calls, sms, text, personal emails to JPCTRADE personal, chat, mobile phone application’s text or voice systems and so on, are not official channels of communication and can not be used for claims to JPCTRADE.
    5. CUSTOMER is fully responsible to check car condition requirements at the port of destination, as well as the law involving importing a UNIT at the country of destination. JPCTRADE is not responsible for the importing process or for checking if the UNIT complies with the import regulations at the destination. JPCTRADE is not responsible for any change in the import destination regulation.
    6. UNITs real manufactured year should be checked by CUSTOMER. JPCTRADE can assist with the search but ultimately CUSTOMER is responsible for the final decision of whether to place the BID or not.
    7. JPCTRADE is not responsible if the UNIT stops working or suddenly has a failure. JPCTRADE is not responsible also if the UNIT fails to pass any export regulation established by the TERRITORY customs agency such as radiation limits or others.
    8. JPCTRADE can arrange a unit to be repaired in order to be able to be exported, but all extra costs involving this procedure are to be charged to CUSTOMER in full.
  12. Branches:

    1. A BRANCH’s CUSTOMER agrees to the same Terms and Conditions of Use mentioned in this document. Nevertheless, special extra conditions and/or special terms which offer wider protection to the CUSTOMER and which involve direct responsibility of the BRANCH is to be explained by the BRANCH in a separate document.
  13. Copyright:

    1. All content included in or made available through JPCTRADE, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations is the property of JPCTRADE or its content suppliers and protected by TERRITORY and international copyright laws.
  14. Governing Law:

    1. All disputes, claims and/or other matters regarding TRANSACTIONs are to be ruled by Japanese Law and only under the Tokyo City Court.
  15. Terms and Conditions Updates:

    1. It is CUSTOMERS responsibility to periodically check JPCTRADE WEBSITE for ammendments to this Terms and Conditions of Use.
    2. JPCTRADE will post on its WEBSITE every time there is an amendment on this Terms and Conditions of Use.
    3. Certain exceptions may apply to TRANSACTIONS which are already in progress at the time of making a change to this Terms and Conditions of Use.